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Thomson RC Track Rules and Liability Waiver


First name:______________________ Last name:__________________________

Address:_______________________________________________ Postal Code:___________

City:_______________________ Country:_______________



I will agree to the following rules and regulations with no exceptions.

Alcohol is not permitted at the track. I will drive my automobile in a safe manor when entering and exiting the property of Thomson Farms, (20 km’s or less). I will operate my r/c vehicle in only designated areas of the farm. I agree to always consider the other members vehicles when driving on the property.  I will use appropriate language and conduct when on the property. I will be absolutely sure that my frequency is cleared before powering my receiver. I am solely responsible for damages to my vehicles while on the property. I will respect my fellow members. My membership covers me and only me in access to the track. I will report any trespassing, theft, abuse, or misuse of anything on the farm immediately to Marty or anthony. (All reports are confidential)   My  access to the farm may be revoked upon deliberate, intentional and continuous disregard to this waiver.         

I ask that you inform your guests of the rules while they are visiting the property.

I have read and understood everything in this waiver and agree to follow all rules and regulations presented.




Signature:__________________________________________  Date:______________________


Witness: ___________________________________________ Date: ______________________

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